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The EntreNeo team share the same goals at heart, which is why we came together, but we differ in skills, interests, and origins. In fact, the best facet of our team is how far apart we began our lives...

Five People, Five Countries, Four Continents

Australia  |  Italy  |  Egypt  |  U.K.  |  U.A.E.

Each founder has their own story to tell which can't be summarised in a few words... but we tried anyway; take a look.




International Business

Being a student at Oxford Brookes University studying International Business Management, Sarah has always been interested in how international connections aid the art of business. Having just moved from Sydney, Sarah is committed to inspiring and empowering others through new leadership strategies. Acquiring her skills from work experience, Sarah has a focus for the corporate, ethical and sustainable movement of businesses for the future.



Business Entrepreneurship

As a student of Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes University, Aaliyan has extensively studied the art of successful business strategies. With experience in the Corporate legal sector, Agricultural Manufacturing industry, and the vastly growing tech Division he has learned the professional structures of small Medium enterprises. In addition to all these skills, Aaliyan situates his interests in using his skills to provide a platform for emerging businesses and innovative ideas.




Economics and Finance 

Having worked in investment and actuarial consultancy, Danny is now studying Economics, Finance, and International Business at Oxford Brookes University to develop his understanding of the systems that drive our society. Together with quantitative skills, Danny finds his passion in using psychology and the quirks of human behaviour to determine the reality of traditional models and reinvent the processes that influence our lives.



Business and Marketing Management

Studying business and marketing management at Oxford Brookes University, Mariavittoria has moved from Italy with the intention of developing new skills in the field of business and the interactions of it with the outside world. Her passion for marketing communications and Human Relations developed thanks to her previous experiences and allows her to have a wider view of the world in order to encourage generations to work together for a more ethical vision for future business.




International Business

Currently studying International Business and Management at Oxford Brookes University. Having lived in Egypt and now studying in the UK. Patrick has an understanding of different cultures and business affairs. He has acquired skills and understanding in the international commodity trading and border security industry. His interest in Entrepreneurship has lead him to work with other individuals in promoting innovative ideas primarily in Africa

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