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A key feature of EntreNeo is that we love our community be involved. To do this, we provide a platform for members to share their ideas and showcase their voice for all things that are incredibly important.

We are so excited to introduce our first member published article by Georgetown University student and author of 'Exceptionally Average', Tian Shi!

Tian's upcoming book is a guide that explores entrepreneurship, and reinforces how today's young professionals discover how to serve others and unlock their potential.

“Don’t apply to Georgetown, because you can’t get in.”

Now in my third year at Georgetown University, I still remember how it felt to step onto campus, believing I didn’t belong. I tried to fit in — taking classes most kids dropped, achieving the perfect grades that my friends were getting off three hours of sleep, and acting the part of a college freshman living her best life.

I couldn’t.

I still remember looking at my college counselor’s eyes in C3 and hearing that I wouldn’t be good enough for my dream school. I didn’t have the right numbers, wasn’t chosen for a single end-of-year award, didn’t make the cut for Cum Laude.

It was after a year of enduring misery for the sake of appearances at Georgetown that I asked myself: “Why am I trying so hard to blend in?”

As students, we all get shuttled into a single path to success: graduate high school to go to a great college to get a good-paying job to retire 40 years down the road. That doesn’t sound fulfilling to me. I don’t want to do the same thing every day for the rest of my life to only benefit the top 5% in the corporate world. I want to make an impact, to inspire, to leave something behind that’s bigger than myself.

At Georgetown, I discovered entrepreneurship — a perfect path to blend my interdisciplinary passions of biology, marketing, and technology and create a fulfilling future for myself.

When COVID-19 shut down schools, I decided to write a book about 20 minority founders who have used social entrepreneurship to create fulfilling careers. I learned their life stories, and how they bravely stepped away from the well-beaten path of the 9-5 job to create companies dedicated to their communities.

So I didn’t fit in and it was okay. I realized I didn’t need the perfect grades to intern in the biotechnological industry and fight the opioid epidemic through prescription drugs. I didn’t have to be an English major to write a book exploring my future career. I don’t need the perfect resume to start my own company, to make my own brand, to be my own boss.

You can do these kinds of things, too. It’s never too late to be open-minded and say “yes” to new opportunities. Talk to people with different backgrounds and ask them about their lives and how they got to where they are. Take time to get to know yourself. How do you work? What drives you? What are you passionate about? Above all, be brave. Don’t fear what you have to lose — take the first step and discover your potential.

Follow Tian's inspiring journey with her upcoming book, set to be published in April 2021 here!

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