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Gently, We can shake the world together.

Updated: Jan 15

Future leader generations are the key to a new way of doing business.

2020 revolutionized the entire community’s life, making the impossible possible, through a series of events which have catapulted people in new conditions, having to take decisions never taken before.

Throughout this year, It seemed that all the past human mistakes have been unmasked by the unforecast of nature, who is rebelling against the man. In other words, 2020 taught us how any action taken from humans can determine inevitable consequences in longer times.

My generation for the first time is upfront about the catastrophe of what previous generations have decided for themselves in the past. Perhaps everybody has already been aware that the world sooner or later could be potentially ready to reject all the “ bad” decisions of previous generations. Today older generations are leaving us the decision to revolutionize and convert the whole system, let's make a straight point on all this vicious circle.

We are the generation of positive changes, who are asking for more independence, more tangibility, flexibility, opportunities to create innovative solutions. These features, therefore, make us aware of the impact of our decision on our future in contrast with older generations. In several contexts, man has shown its narcissism taking decisions regarding the good for the single rather than the whole global society. This phenomenon has to be changed. We are ready to convert the society towards a more ethical vision based on the mission to make the world a better place. Now more than ever, we are led by a desire to act for the common benefit in order to bring equality and integrity as the main values in the world. The future is in our hands, we are the future.

Thus, nowadays, Millennials and Generation Z are asking for more from international corporations. They ask for changes in the inner company’s mechanisms in order to be agents of world change, asking them to resolve the urgent issues and concerns which are affecting society day by day (Kotler and Sarkar, 2020). This ideological revolution is already started by several figures of my generation such as Greta Thunberg, Shamma bint Suhail Faris Mazrui, Yara Shahidi and other young activists which are trying to move the needle on climate change, guns control, and other global issues.

The question is: Can this ideological revolution among our generation bring the wished change? This is not enough. For this purpose, younger consumers are asking for the companies to take a lead in the process of change in order to make the world a more habitable place for the next generations (Kotler and Sarkar, 2020). Notably, Karl Marx, in “The Communist Manifesto” claims the power of economy on the society, proving the impact of the economy's action in the social transformation. In 1848, Marx already understood how the society of a country is nothing more than the reflection of the economy (Hollander, 2008). In this regard, now more than ever the world’s biggest institutions recognize that society needs them to help manage and solve global-scale challenges; Therefore it’s not shocking that more and more companies define these challenges as the main mission in their business.

In this regard, my generation is calling for a change in the business context in order to determine the real change in world society. That means companies, brands, associations need to think in the opposite direction they have worked until now. Right now The business has to fulfil society ‘need in order to improve it, rather than act only to invest in themselves. The combination of social and environmental consideration into the business can make substantial progress on the challenging problems. Now it is time for business to drive the solutions. We need a company who believes in the power of good business, doing real work through total social impact, also called TSI; We need,also,a company who cares about brand activism, real ethical business, strong corporate social responsibilities strategies. All these ways could create core business benefits for the companies, solving the main problems in our world today.

This alternative will allow companies to create benefits for themself and the world. This is the future of business and it could be possible through our decision and passion. Making profit for the benefit of shareholders and single individuals is not acceptable anymore. Now WE are asking for business’ acts to do what is ethical, what essential aim to do in business: Acting with the main purpose to create benefit for the society. (Kotler and Sarkar, 2020)

Today there are 1.8 million people between 10 to 24 years old, wishing to have a chance. Young people, for the first time, are standing out the door of an adult, fighting for this changes every day when we ask more space and more voice, to work in companies where we can make positive changes in the world, where we can learn to create our own sustainable and ethical business so we can gather to help each other. We ask for the possibility to make the difference. Never before have we had such powerful knowledge on our hands, which leads us to make the change possible; Technology as digital tools open up unprecedented opportunities to create ideas that go viral, gain traction, and grow into movements; Education as we are the most educated generation with access to unlimited information. Last but not least, we have the passion of being young. Technology may provide the channel to spread information, and education might provide the impetus, but it is our enthusiasm that makes us powerful on the world stage, ready to fight for a decisive change(Perna, 2020). We are ready to shake the world, through an ideological battle, my, your, our battle, in order to build a better place for future generations.

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